Creative|social agency Colour has launched a new business practice, Colour Media, to help clients reach audiences by using programmatic media buying.

“Our traders can buy virtually any ad impression on any site on any device,” said Chris Keevill, CEO of Colour.  “Colour Media is making this technology available to mid-market clients that was previously only available to the very largest ad buyers.”

With programmatic media, the purchase and sale of advertising in real time uses software to buy, place and optimize media through a bidding system.

The Forrester Report has predicted that 55% of the digital advertising market in the United States will be traded programmatically in 2016.  Other forecasters believe that more than 90% of advertising will flow programmatically within a decade.

“Clients deserve greater transparency and accountability from media agencies – in their spending,” added Keevill “Unlike others, Colour Media discloses all trading fees and gets more of the media budget to work for the brands we represent.”

Joining Keevill to lead Colour Media is Randy Newman as Vice President, Media Strategy.  A native of Montreal who now calls New York City home, Newman oversees the programmatic media trade desk and handles all types of media buys, from digital to traditional.

“Colour Media’s work will be driven by four main attributes – our skilled traders, our technology, our reporting and our transparency,” said Newman.  “Perhaps most important of all for marketers who are watching every dollar, Colour Media’s focus on transparency means that we show our clients the full value of every impression purchased so they can more accurately plan and evaluate a campaign’s return on investment.”

With offices in Atlantic Canada, Toronto and New York City, Colour is exporting creativity to markets everywhere. The company is owned by majority shareholder Chris Keevill and managing partners Robert Batherson (Public Relations), Sarah Flynn (Creative) and Savior Joseph (Digital and Social).