Last week Facebook dropped some major news. 

In an email and a notification in-platform they announced to all advertisers that “after June 30, 2021, Facebook Analytics will no longer be available.” 

If you missed it (or you want to know how it’ll impact your business) we’ve got the details for you here.

What we think it means:

While all brands and advertisers have 3 months to access their data and save it securely, we expect that we’ll hear more about this from Facebook. We can’t say for sure, but for now we’re looking at a few possible scenarios:

  1. Instead of data being readily available under Facebook Analytics, advertisers might have to dig deeper into the Business Suite or Ads/Events Manager at the campaign level. This may be a business decision to push their core products more, possibly as a response to Apple potentially turning off detailed data tracking for its users by default. 
  2. Is there an alternative on its way? It is possible that a third party partnership is in the works that will replace the in-house analytics/insights tool.
  3. A number of businesses already use tools like Amplitude, Mixpanel or SEMRush more than Facebook Analytics. It’s possible that Facebook is being proactive in getting rid of something that wasn’t preferred anyway. 
  4. Facebook sees data as its most valuable asset. They might be looking at it as a potential profit centre by following Amazon’s footsteps and making it pay-to-play for advertisers.

What should I do?

Rest assured that we’ll continue to have access to data at the campaign level for reporting purposes. There is no action to be taken for now, but we’ll keep a vigilant eye on forums and updates from Facebook for any worthwhile chatter that may have a significant impact on businesses like yours.