Health is
who we are.

Colour Health is a strategic digital media planning & buying agency with deep expertise in healthcare. Our strengths are in navigating regulatory environments and popular platforms for health-conscious consumers – everything from patient services and medications to vitamins and plant-based foods while employing innovative digital tactics for micro-targeting even the narrowest of audience segments.

We work with the top pharmaceutical and
retail brands in the health and wellness space.




Industry-leading media strategy and execution for pharmaceutical brands.

We thread the needle between regulatory environments and ad policies on today’s most popular platforms to reach HCPs, patient and caregiver groups or the general, health-conscious consumer.

Forged in consumer brands.
Honed on healthcare.

Groundbreaking Strategy

We take best-in-class practices from other verticals like CPG and retail and adapt them to comply with Health Canada and the FDA’s guidelines. Our media strategy prioritizes the most valuable data, zero- and first-party data, to reach the right audience and achieve the greatest performance.

Micro-targeted Ad Campaigns

Through relationships with top publishers in the healthcare space, and custom-built audience targeting on programmatic platforms, we’ll ensure your message reaches your audience at the time and place it matters most.

Delivering Real Insights

We don’t do data dumps. Every report and piece of data we send your way will be tied to insights and analytics that will help you understand your audience better and grow your business. Like digging into the raw data? You can access it directly through our Control Tower reporting dashboard.

We’ve run over 40 digital campaigns in the last year for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. 

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