Information is power — or, to be specific, good information is power. On its own, data is overwhelmingly complex and reports can get tedious. Which is why we focus on pulling actionable stories from data that are not only useful, but enjoyable and easy to consume. Because better data means better decisions.

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Randy Newman


It used to be hard to know if marketing was working. Now, we have instant feedback, but with a new problem: too much feedback. Calling on equal parts analysis and creativity, we can help you with:


  • ROI modelling
  • Social listening
  • Quantitative & qualitative insight mining
  • Marketing hypothesis testing
  • Performance reporting: paid, owned & earned media

Data mastery

Thanks to the internet and technology, math and data are inescapable. If you want to win, you can’t do data halfway. You need people who aren’t afraid of formulas and complex data sets. In fact, you need people that downright like it. Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘analysis paralysis’? It’s a coward’s phrase.


Consumable reporting

Most marketing reports are huge or ugly or both. That’s not how we roll. We believe in making report-reading an enjoyable experience. Wanna know our trick? We marry our agency’s creative storytelling capacity with our data geek output. Shhh.

Actionable information flows

Reporting is useless if a bunch of numbers sit on someone’s desk collecting dust. All outputs from analysis should plug directly into the inputs of another process. This is where a well-designed systems plan comes into play, with a use and purpose for every key metric.