Cannabis Marketing

We played a large part in legalizing recreational cannabis in Canada as the team that helped launch Aurora Cannabis. We’ve built brands, engaged communities and guided our clients through the legal restrictions (and opportunities). As one of the few agencies in Canada with experience in both the medical and adult-use cannabis space, our expertise is unmatched. 

Want to work with us on your next cannabis project? Send your cannabis marketing questions and requests to:

Paul Lockhard
President | Colour, Toronto


Creating a cannabis marketing plan may seem like a daunting task. But we’ve been there, done that. Our in-house experts in the cannabis field can help.


  • Navigating the regulatory environment
  • Insuring compliance in creative 
  • Consumer and category research
  • Cannabis-compliant media 
  • Breakthrough cannabis brand-building

Strategic planning

We have loads of consumer research, category data, and industry insights that help you pinpoint where your opportunities are. We’ve provided strategic counsel to some of Canada’s largest cannabis licensed producers, in both the medical and recreational space. 

Compliant, award-winning creative

We know bill C-45 inside and out, specifically section 17 as it pertains to marketing cannabis in Canada. We make sure that every idea, big or small, fits within those guidelines and keeps your brand well within the law.

Media planning

Media planning within the cannabis space is a challenging task, as Health Canada guidelines and media publisher apprehensiveness have coupled to create a Canadian landscape where options for cannabis companies are limited. Our team has not only uncovered the opportunities that do exist, but has also focused on educating publishers on how to be C-45 compliant within their platforms.